St. Cloud, MN - Moulder Operator

St. Cloud, MN - Moulder Operator

Job Summary: The Moulder Operator is responsible for the setup and operation of the moulder to meet quality and quantity standards in the production of customer products.

Job Duties:

1. Receives direction from the supervisor and notifies the supervisor when more work is needed.

2. Maintains the work area, machinery, and tools in a neat, clean, and orderly fashion.

3. Follows all safety procedures, rules, and guidelines; and notifies the supervisor of any existing or potential safety issues.

4. Follows all standard operating procedures and notifies the supervisor of potential procedural improvements.

5. Assists in other work areas when the workload permits or requires.

6. Cooperates with and supports co-workers and gets involved as a team player.

7. Meets or exceeds the production standards for the position.

8. Accurately, thoroughly, and legibly completes all documentation related to this position; i.e., production reports, accurate time keeping, etc.

9. Observes closely the operation of tools and machinery and notifies the supervisor immediately of malfunctions or maintenance that may be needed.

10. Monitors product constantly to ensure that quality standards are being met, and rejects product that does not meet quality standards.

11. Reviews status of prior shift and prioritizes work.

12. Reviews work orders to determine what materials and tools are necessary.

13. Obtains materials for production run. (Make pallets as needed.)

14. Obtains and checks tooling for production run.

15. Holds length tolerances and checks for proper cut on ends to meet customer specifications.

16. Sets up moulder and runs test samples.

17. Checks samples against customer specifications using measuring instruments; i.e., digital calipers, square, etc., and make adjustments as needed.

18. Joints knives on high-speed moulders.

19. Conducts production runs and monitors tolerances while running.

20. Directs the efforts of assigned assistants and teaches them the operation of the moulder.

21. Performs scheduled machine maintenance as needed.

22. Checks for defective materials during run and sorts out defects as to what is scrap or what can be reworked.

23. Sets up sander and determines proper sandpaper grit to do profile sanding.

24. Returns all tooling to the tool room and informs tool room of problems.

25. Sets up equalizing machines on moulder.

26. Performs related work as required.