Orwell, OH - Production Supervisor

Orwell, OH - Production Supervisor

Primary Objective: To manage the timely manufacturing of quality products through effective utilization of labor and machine capacity.


1. Interview, train, and orientate new employees.

2. Evaluate performance of all employees in department.

3. Identify disciplinary needs and initiates necessary procedures.

4. Evaluate all manufacturing processes on a continuous basis and drives toward setup reduction.

5. Establish key measurable baseline standards and uses as a tool for departmental staffing and goal setting.

6. Use and maintain Competency Based Training (CBT) and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) documents and ensure department certification.

7. Conduct ongoing training.

8. Direct the operation of all work centers in department and monitors production to ensure it meets schedule, quality standards, and quantities. Communicate Standard Work guidelines.

9. Plan workload and assigns work to personnel to accomplish production on quantity, on quality, on time.

10. Ensure that current operations are being performed in a safe manner and that all machines are properly guarded.

11. Investigate accidents, determines causes, and implements measures to prevent recurrence.

12. Ensure that all injured employees receive necessary first aid or medical treatment and also that injury report forms and other records are completed accurately and promptly.

13. Monitor yield and efficiency and suggests improvements to reduce waste of both materials and labor.

14. Communicate and cooperate with other supervisors regarding production schedule, material flow, and manpower needs.

15. Conduct or participates in regular departmental meetings.

16. Ensure that operators complete regular preventive maintenance.

17. Ensure that proper housekeeping practices are carried out so department is kept in a clean and orderly condition.

18. Verify completion of and approve all production reports, time and attendance data, and other records kept by employees.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

The supervisor will be responsible for managing a team of 2 or more employees at all times. The supervisory responsibilities will include:
• Interviewing, selecting, and training employees in the appropriate job responsibilities. This will include Coaching employees in proper job performance techniques and procedures.
• Directing the work of employees to including setting/adjusting their rates of pay and working hours/schedules.
• Maintaining records on employee productivity for use in supervision or control and appraising employee’s productivity and efficiency to recommend promotions, raises or changes in status.
• Resolve and manage any employee complaints and grievances and disciplinary issues when necessary.
• Plan and appropriate the work among subordinate employees and determine the techniques used in work.
• Determine the types of materials, supplies or tools to be used by other employees and controlling the flow and distribution of materials and supplies.
• Provide for the Safety of employees and the property of the employer.
• Working in conjunction with HR, the supervisor will make appropriate recommendations for hiring, termination, advancement and demotion of directly supervised employees.

Knowledge & Skill Required

1. Excellent communication skills
2. Results oriented
3. Ability to read and interpret customer orders, prints, and specifications on all parts
4. Strong leadership ability
5. Good decision-making skills
6. Good with math and calculations; understand metric system and use of measuring devices
7. 2 years of post secondary education
8. 3+ years of related experience